Annika Panotzki
is a modern spiritual leader initiated by the lineage of Inca Shamanism and the indigenous of the Andes.
Her vision is to reawaken the ancient wisdom in our modern society.
She creates circles for women to evolve, transform & empower themselves.
Annika holds Moon circles, powerful ceremonies, shamanic healing sessions and is the co creator of the platform
She just launched her shamanic training "Medicine Woman Training-Awakening of the Shaman".
Annika holds a deep knowledge in plants, herbs, superfoods and food for the energy system.
Her first book will be launched in autumn.

"I once was a girl with low self esteem and struggled with my own worthiness. I attracted situations and relationships that reflected on that self believe and all my illusion of not being good enough. I knew that I was filled with creativity, ideas and dreams but my fears of failure kept me back. That life made me tired, drained and a feeling of not playing the leading roll in my own life.The voice deep inside wouldn´t give up on me and constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone.
When I finally started to listen to that voice and challenge my fears help from Universe showed up at my door step. It lead me to Peru and the shamans of the Andes. Years and years of study, deep spiritual transformation, initiations from the Incas and taking back my own power, worthiness and self love gave me a whole new life. The new path of the heart evolved.

Today I´ve manifested so many of my dreams like a loving family of 4 children, co owning "Conscious Life Center", holding space for others to evolve and transform in circles and shamanic trainings. This year a big dream will come true in form of getting my first book published.
It doesn´t matter how big or small our dreams are. The important thing is to live this beautiful experience we call life fully with nothing that stops us.
Heal those old wounds and structures and give closure to the past. To open our heart and give more love to receive even more in return.
We are here to remember that we are divine beings and co creators of this world.
So how can we dream a new beautiful dream together to honor ourselves, each other and this planet. Let´s do it!"

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